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Presented by
Joshua Feinberg of Vic.ai Academy

Over the past few years, most accounting firms have viewed digital transformation as a high priority initiative. 

However, due to COVID-19, firms have looked for new ways to tighten their belts. And that may be impacting your innovation projects.

So how can digital transformation officers make a bigger impact in their organizations right now?

When you watch this webinar recording, you’ll learn how to:

  • Enact cultural change and overcome institutional resistance
  • Make your tech stack more efficient
  • Provide an elegant, premium B2C user experience for your B2B clients
  • Build customer trust
  • Impact your company’s bottom line and future-proof the business
  • And much more!

Remember, companies that don’t make the investments in their digital experience today will find it hard to compete once the business community returns to work.



About Joshua Feinberg

About Joshua FeinbergBefore joining Vic.ai in 2018, for the better part of two decades, Joshua Feinberg consulted with marketing, sales, and channel teams in and around the SaaS, cloud services, managed services, data center, and hosting industries. As the son of a retired CPA and retail controller, Joshua got his first taste of accounting at age 10 when his dad insisted he keep an accounts receivable sub-ledger for his paper route. Joshua's been consulting with, and designing and selling IT to, accountants since 1992.



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