A webinar in collaboration with CFO Dive

Solve Efficiency Challenges: Maximize Human Potential in Finance

Tasked with more responsibilities but with fewer resources, modern CFOs face increasing complexity. Many see AI and autonomous finance as the way forward to boost their team’s productivity, efficiency, and accuracy. According to a 2023 survey by Gartner, companies with high technology acceptance see a 75% reduction in financial errors.

AI applications for the finance function include, for instance, analytics to glean business insights and accounts-payable tasks such as invoice processing, approval flows, and purchase-order matching.

In this webinar, we will explore the end-to-end process in AI and autonomous finance and how the finance department can safely:

  • Process invoices faster and more accurately than template and rules-based accounting automation solutions using AI models and deep financial intelligence.
  • Negotiate terms, manage revenue streams, and automate compliance processes using AI.
  • Help finance chiefs with budgeting and cost/benefit analyses, conducting cost-takeout initiatives that measure how the organization can find value from AI processes. 

Speakers include Mark Fisher, SVP of Marketing at Vic.ai and Chris Carrigee, former Director of Business Development at Northward Partners, and now President of AI Advisors. The webinar was produced and moderated by CFO Dive.