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Forecasting the Future: The Rise of the AI Accountant

Your next finance superstar won’t be human. This enlightening trends and innovation webinar is designed for finance professionals and tech enthusiasts.

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This forward-looking session will delve into the cutting-edge advancements in AI technology, particularly within the AP sector. 

Learn how AI is set to revolutionize the role of accountants and the back office function. We'll showcase pioneering companies harnessing AI assistants, explore insights from innovative tech founders on the future trajectory of AI, and discuss the transformative impact of AI on AP functions, team dynamics, operational strategies, and organizational growth. 

Featuring an industry snapshot of what’s on the horizon, this webinar provides a comprehensive overview of the exciting possibilities AI holds for the accounting world.


Alexander Hagerup

Co-Founder and CEO

Kevin Frechette

Co-Founder and CEO

Stefan van Duyvendijk

Accounting Operations Evangelist


Mark Fisher

SVP, Marketing