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Outsourced accounting firms are in the business of helping their clients scale and grow profitably. Because firms like Ignite Spot Accounting Services need to lead by example, they have to be able to scale and grow their firms successfully. 

When you’re handling back office accounting and bookkeeping work, profitably scaling can be a big challenge.

Before it implemented Vic.ai, Ignite Spot Accounting Services had a manual, labor-intensive accounts payable (AP) process. Because some of its clients have complex invoices with many line items and advanced coding requirements, Ignite Spot Accounting Services was spending excessive amounts of time and resources performing the work.

Vic.ai helped Ignite Spot Accounting Services by layering on top of Bill.com to provide an automated AP process. When combined with Bill.com’s payment capabilities, Vic.ai was able to automate and significantly improve how Ignite Spot Accounting Services provides client services.

How much of your firm's accounts payable (AP) is automated? Could your firm also benefit from removing human errors and improving client services?

By watching the recording of this webinar on Automating Accounts Payable (AP), you'll learn how to:

  • Grow an outsourced accounting firm
  • Identify the right target market for your firm
  • Hire and scale profitably from 1 to 30+ employees
  • Select the right technology partners
  • Leverage Vic.ai, Bill.com, and QuickBooks as your tech stack
  • Automate the extraction and coding of invoices
  • Reduce manual, labor-intensive processes
  • Remove human error
  • Improve client services
  • Position your firm for the future of accounting
  • And much more!


 Alexander Hagerup, CEO at Vic.aiAlexander Hagerup, CEO at Vic.ai


Dan Luthi, COO at Ignite Spot Accounting ServicesDan Luthi, COO at Ignite Spot Accounting Services

This webinar is especially crucial for CPA firms, outsourced accounting providers, bookkeeping firms, and virtual CFOs. 

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