Top Generative AI Use Cases for Accounting

Reaching “AP autonomy” across the accounting function requires strategic planning, an implementation and maturity plan, and leveraging the right AI technology. In this guide we’ve outlined the top Gen AI use cases for accounting and finance teams.

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Adopting generative AI in accounting

Overall, Generative AI has the potential to transform accounting by automating routine tasks, freeing up time for financial professionals to focus on higher-value tasks, and improving the accuracy and reliability of financial reporting and analysis.

However, successfully implementing and using Gen AI in accounting does require planning, rigor, and monitoring. In a recent article, Deloitte states that the best way to capitalize on “Gen AI’s remarkable capabilities requires human oversight to manage privacy, security, legal, and behavioral risks.” Building and executing an AI adoption strategy is critical to organizational success.


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“Implementing's autonomous AP solution has made us more efficient and provides us comfort as our clients grow their businesses quickly and increase invoice volume. We're now able to handle an influx of invoices without adding tons of manual work to our accounting staffs' plate.”

“It is rare that a product lives 100% up to its expectation, but does just that. Simply put, it works; it streamlines the AP process, dramatically improves accuracy, and saves time all across the AP process.”