how a property manager reached 5x productivity with accounting AI for real estate

Webinar: AI For Real Estate Accounts Payable

The Real Estate industry is undergoing a massive digital transformation. New players are entering the market and shaking things up. From AirBnB creating new opportunities for short-term rentals to property management companies using AI for tenant screening. Real estate companies must reduce manual work and streamline mind-numbing accounting tasks to stay competitive and scale.

Has your AP Automation tool ever uploaded the wrong invoice to the wrong property and paid the bill for the incorrect entity? Whether your AP team manually sorts invoices or your AP Automation tool attempts to, paying thousands of dollars for the wrong property and vendor is costly. Join for CRE Intelligence discussion on May 23rd, where we will dive into accounting AI for real estate and how it can eliminate manual invoice routing and ensure the right invoice is paid for the right property.

Watch this discussion to discover:

- The difference between AP automation and Accounts Payable AI
- How accounting AI for real estate works
- The time and cost savings a customer has realized with company detection logic




Ryan is an experienced Analytical Consultant, who supports enterprises in their finance transformation journey. Ryan has technical expertise from ERP integrations and historical data training, and prior to joining, he was a Solution Consultant at NetSuite, which led to working for major global companies such as McDonald's and Circle K.