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5 Steps to Spearhead Technology Adoption

Adopting accounts payable (AP) automation doesn’t have to be challenging. This handy checklist summarizes the top five things you should do before, during, and after a technology change.

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Checklist- 5 steps to spearhead a technology adoption
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Make the most of your next software investment with these critical strategies

A technology investment provides a rare opportunity to streamline processes, reduce manual work, improve team morale, create more visibility, and achieve time and cost savings. But it has to be done with thoughtful planning and a clear purpose.

And change — even for the best reasons — can cause uncertainty and stress for your existing team. Change management is critical whether you are simply up-leveling existing tools and processes, rebuilding your tech stack from the ground up, or streamlining departments or entities post-merger or acquisition.


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“In today’s economic climate, enterprises must be strategic with every dollar they spend. Vic.ai’s current offerings, including Autopilot and Autonomous Approval Flows, will allow our business to keep growing at a rapid pace without requiring us to grow our workforce at the same pace.”

“Implementing Vic.ai's autonomous AP solution has made us more efficient and provides us comfort as our clients grow their businesses quickly and increase invoice volume. We're now able to handle an influx of invoices without adding tons of manual work to our accounting staffs' plate.”

“It is rare that a product lives 100% up to its expectation, but Vic.ai does just that. Simply put, it works; it streamlines the AP process, dramatically improves accuracy, and saves time all across the AP process.”