Watch the Outsourced Accounts Payable (AP) Partner Panel (Webinar Recording)

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Joshua Feinberg of Academy

When small- and medium-sized businesses don’t have the internal talent to manage their accounting or finance needs, these businesses turn to a back-office outsourcing partner, such as a CPA firm, outsourced accounting provider, bookkeeping firm, or virtual CFO.

As part of a comprehensive outsourced accounting or client accounting services (CAS) offering, many accounting firms offer outsourced accounts payable service to their clients that buy significant amounts of goods and services on credit terms.

By watching the recording of the Outsourced Accounts Payable (AP) Partner Panel, you’ll hear from leaders of four different accounting firms and get their take on how to:

  • Build an outsourced AP team that aligns with industry best practices
  • Identify the best kinds of clients for outsourced AP and what these clients all seem to have in common
  • Pinpoint the biggest mistakes new clients are making before you inherit their outsourced AP
  • Onboard new clients and new staff members
  • Standardize your workflow and tech stack
  • Plan for both the present and future of outsourced AP
  • And much more

This webinar is especially crucial for CPA firms, outsourced accounting providers, bookkeeping firms, outsourced controllers, and outsourced CFOs.



Mairtini Ni Dhomhnaill, Founder of Countsy

About Mairtini Ni Dhomhnaill, Founder of CountsyCountsy is your company's back office function. It provides Accounting and HR as a service to venture backed startups around the globe. Through a unique combination of on demand CFOs and streamlined technologies, Countsy frees you from back office management and empower you to focus on what matters most. Delighting customers. Perfecting solutions. Accelerating growth. From payroll and benefits to GAAP financials and board reporting, you get the support you need to be transaction ready. Efficient. Scalable. Done right.

Dan Luthi, COO of Ignite Spot Accounting Services

About Dan Luthi, COO of Ignite Spot Accounting ServicesIgnite Spot's team members are small business growth addicts. They provide outsourced accounting services and then use that financial information to build businesses and Ignite them to the next level. 

David Miller, Partner, Outsourced Finance & Accounting of Armanino
David Miller, Partner, Outsourced Finance & Accounting of Armanino

As a leader in Outsourced Finance & Accounting services, David specializes in providing superior client service and CFO support to emerging and growing businesses in the franchise, technology, nonprofit and entertainment industries. His expertise is focused on the business needs of the client and translating those requirements into actionable financial and accounting solutions.

Faizan Younus, Manager of NCheng

About Faizan Younus, Manager of NChengNCheng LLP's mission is to provide the support needed for their clients to fulfill their mission, realize efficiencies/cost savings, and achieve optimal financial health. Through NCheng's fiscal management, audit and consulting services, their clients are able to anticipate, prevent and resolve financial issues



Joshua Feinberg of

About Joshua FeinbergBefore joining in 2018, for the better part of two decades, Joshua Feinberg consulted with marketing, sales, and channel teams in and around the SaaS, cloud services, managed services, data center, and hosting industries. As the son of a retired CPA and retail controller, Joshua got his first taste of accounting at age 10 when his dad insisted he keep an accounts receivable sub-ledger for his paper route. Joshua's been consulting with, and designing and selling IT to, accountants since 1992.


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