WATCH NOW! How to simplify AP with 5X productivity

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How to simplify AP with 5X productivity

Until now, invoice processing has been a major pain for finance teams due to the manual coding required to post an invoice to your ERP or accounting system. Imagine implementing automation to solve this issue and STILL having to double-code millions of invoices each year to complete the data OCR was unable to detect. Then, yet again, code and classify costs to post the invoice in the ERP system.

With accounting AI and world-class computer vision, coding will be eliminated all together, turning your AP team into reviewers instead of processors.

Tune into this AP intelligence discussion with Zak Stratton, Vice President of Product at to learn how a commercial real estate enterprise with 6,000 properties processes twice as many invoices with less AP staff, reducing  the average processing time from 5 minutes to 45 seconds per invoice.

Learn how a major player in Real Estate has:

•  Scaled their operation to 31 regions and saved 60,000 hours per year by eliminating double manual coding
•  Pinpointed process inefficiencies with Intelligence, giving them the insight and control needed to improve productivity
•  Decreased invoice processing time by 83%


Zak has managed product development for financial services companies at both large enterprises and startups. He’s previously held positions at Bloomberg and Capital. At his mission is to build products that people want, build teams around those products, and build companies around those teams. He spearheads the development of’s autonomous accounting product, the first of its kind on the market.