Summer of AI

Boosting Productivity and Well-being: How AI Can Help Combat Employee Burnout

Employee burnout has become a critical concern in today's fast-paced and demanding work environments. Recognizing the urgency to address this issue, this webinar focuses on the role of AI in combating employee burnout and fostering a healthier, more productive work culture.

During this discussion, we will delve into how AI can positively influence workplace well-being and productivity. Our panel of experts will discuss practical strategies, tools, and AI-powered solutions that can effectively mitigate burnout risks and support employees in maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Summer of AI: How AI can help combat employee burnout (on-demand)

Anna Klombies

SVP People


Kristoffer Røil

Co-Founder and COO


Adey Tadesse-Heath

VP of HR



Babak Rasolzadeh

VP of Radiology
Tempus Labs