Watch the Webinar Recording: Tech Stack Best Practices for Client Accounting Services

In a world where a decade’s worth of digital transformation has happened in a matter of months, accountants that work with small and medium-sized businesses have been challenged like never before.

Companies and teams that provide client accounting services (CAS) are expected to wear a lot of different hats. Technology is now a big part of making this happen.

While most CAS leaders will tell you that hiring and training are challenging, building the right processes and tech stack can be just as daunting.

To help you navigate the many decisions that come up when selecting the right tech stack for your CAS team, invited five expert panelists from varied backgrounds: including those with experience at large firms, mid-sized firms, and small firms as well as at both traditional CPA firms and outsourced accounting/fractional CFO companies.

When you watch the recording of Tech Stack Best Practices for Client Accounting Services, you’ll learn how to:

  • Select the right core software applications for your team’s tech stack
  • Evaluate new software applications that you’re considering
  • Explain your team’s tech stack and standardization to your clients
  • Address major challenges with one or more pieces of your tech stack
  • Optimize how clients interact with your team’s tech stack
  • Fill gaps in your team’s tech stack
  • Future-proof your firm’s technology.
  • And much more!

This webinar is especially crucial for outsourced accounting, outsourced CFO, client accounting services (CAS), entrepreneurial services, managed accounting, and bookkeeping teams. 



Moderated By:

Joshua Feinberg of Academy and Host of the AI in Accounting Podcast

Presented By:  Joshua Feinberg of Academy and Host of the AI in Accounting PodcastBefore joining in 2018, for the better part of two decades, Joshua Feinberg consulted with marketing, sales, and channel teams in and around the SaaS, cloud services, managed services, data center, and hosting industries. As the son of a retired CPA and retail controller, Joshua got his first taste of accounting at age 10 when his dad insisted he keep an accounts receivable sub-ledger for his paper route. Joshua's been consulting with, and designing and selling IT to, accountants since 1992.


Mairtini Ni Dhomhnaill, Founder at Countsy

Mairtini Ni Dhomhnaill, Founder at CountsyMairtini Ni Dhomhnaill is the Founder of Countsy. Mairtini began her career as an accountant in London. She came to the United States about twenty-five years ago and moved to Silicon Valley, where there are many venture-backed startups. Countsy is geared exclusively toward venture-funded companies. Martini has seen a significant need in those companies to have a small team that can handle professional accounting tasks right from the start.

David Singletary, Founder and CEO at DJS Digital

David Singletary, Founder and CEO at DJS DigitalAs CEO of DJS DIGITAL, David Singletary provides best practices in various industries and software solutions. He learns and masters various software solutions quickly and provides clients with the best practices to take advantage of the solutions they implement. For over 24 years, David has worked in the technology field, helping clients utilize technology to gain efficiencies and grow their businesses. He has worked with clients of various sizes, from a startup retailer in China to one of the world’s largest banks. He has been able to relieve clients’ pain points by learning their operations and developing ways to improve processes using technology or recommended process changes.

Tina Gregory, Consulting CFO and Systems Manager of Early Growth/Escalon

Tina Gregory, Consulting CFO and Systems Manager of Early Growth/EscalonTina Gregory is the Consulting CFO and Systems Manager at Early Growth/Escalon. She has diverse experience in operations, business development, and systems. Tina is focused on enabling growing businesses to develop their full potential and capitalize on inherent resources. She works closely with startup founders and entrepreneurs on their finance and business strategy, including reviewing their monthly financial reporting, so they understand where their business is headed. While working with clients in advanced technology, SaaS, software, biotech, eCommerce, manufacturing, and cryptocurrency, Tina lends her expertise in financial modeling, fundraising, finding the right providers, and designing and implementing best in class systems and processes.

Jenni Huotari, Partner-in-Charge, Business Outsourcing & Strategy at Eide Bailly

Jenni Huotari, Partner-in-Charge, Business Outsourcing & Strategy at Eide BaillyJenni Huotari is a partner with Eide Bailly LLP, a top 25 CPA firm nationally, based in Fargo, North Dakota. Jenni works with companies that have been around for over one hundred years, as well as companies that just started. She finds each one a very rewarding experience --a self-proclaimed geek for business operations and financial information. Jenni is also co-chair of Eide Bailly's women's initiative, First Focus. She is incredibly passionate about helping women achieve their highest potential and become future leaders in the firm and their communities.

Aaron Berson, CEO and Founder at Fringe Advisory

Aaron Berson, CEO and Founder at Fringe AdvisoryAaron Berson is the CEO and Founder of Fringe Advisory. Aaron helps business owners stop working in their business and get back to working on their business. Whether it’s automating the entire invoicing system, advising CTO’s on how to connect their back-end to their accounting system, or just making entire processes automated and virtual - Aaron loves doing it all by bringing a unique thought process to the table. He has a classic accounting background with a twist. Aaron began doing tax returns, financial statements, and general advising to privately held businesses and start-ups. It quickly became evident that he had a larger passion for mixing technology with accounting. This has evolved into performing the typically internal accounting function virtually for his clients while following the highest accounting standards.



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